Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I love my husband.

I really do. However yesterday, while working on these, he came home from work toting a bright red jacket and a red baseball cap.

Would/Could I embroider a “B” on the cap, the jacket front (to cover something else) and on the back? Seems it is needed for the play he is helping with which, by the way, is going on this weekend.

So I spent some time on the computer finding a good font and then setting up three designs, the letter “B” at 1.5”


and 6”. I got the cap done and the front of the jacket but then had to leave for my Weight Watcher’s meeting: I left the machine stitching away so the letter was done when I got home. The jacket, however, went to rehearsal and didn’t make it back so I guess I will be appliquéing it on tomorrow.

Today was laundry day (no pictures of that. LOL) so when I was done I spent some quality time in the pool. No shots of me in there but the thermometer ducky also had a good time.

Then I decided that the best dinner we could have was pizza so we jumped in my car and enjoyed the wind in our hair on our way.

Then when I got home I noticed that one of my hydrangea bushes seems to have a flower coming. I searched both plants but didn’t see another potential flower.


Tonya's Sewing Room said...

look at you styling in that new "stang". WOW

Pat said...

Gotta love last-minute sewing job requests!!!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Yup - I love my husband, too(99.5% of the time anyway) :-)

My hydrangea bush is almost 2 years old now and finally has a healthy bunch of leaves. Maybe next year I will get a flower.

LOVE how you enjoyed your day, even with the change of plans.

Stephanie said...

Great dresdens. Fun prints...I enlarged the pic.

Shelley said...

You have a Mustang?! My favorite car, way awesome!

pollyanna said...

What a treat to return to read your newest post :) I love your new picture! Catching up the fun part :)

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Ok.... love the car! Yep... totally love it!
bunny hugs,
shell :)