Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bunny Hill, Owls, and Spring

My design wall has changed. I have 5 of my Bunny Hill BOM basket blocks completed: the others only need a little hand embroidery. Last week I found some lace I have had for several years and came up with this layout. I cut the sashing, red, and then overlaid it with the lace. I have only basted the lace on as it will be caught in the seams and then I will sew it down at the edges. Next week I will cut the cornerstones and borders (same fabric and the top will be ready to sew together, if I can only get that hand embroidery done. This little quilt is so out of my comfort zone as I just don’t do frilly but I like it because it is different.

And as long as I was working on the Bunny Hill blocks, I decided to get started on her new BOM. It is a series of snowmen and she has posted 3: I hadn’t started any. So I spent part of the weekend copying the designs onto the Heat & Bond and put the first block together. I think that when I get the basket blocks done, I will start the embroidery on these so I don’t have all of them to do at the end. The background fabric has silver metallic so there is a lot of shine behind this little snowman. I have the designs ready for blocks 2 & 3 so will have them fused before the week is over

My new glass owls arrived this weekend. Here it is (the little clear one) nesting nicely with a small selection of my collection. Also in this grouping is the first glass owl I ever got (light brown furthest left) and the clock my paternal grandpa bought for my grandma following the birth of their first son in 1907. Also you can see my collection of batiks: isn’t this a wonderful set of shelves? No wonder I love going into my studio.

And last but not least is a sure sign of spring. Here is the first rosebud on my bushes. We have lots of new leaves but it appears that this will be the first flower of the season. Today it was 74 with sunshine and I took advantage of it by sitting outside designing a snowball quilt.


jonni said...

nice clock!

Pat said...

For someone who doesn't do "frilly", you sure have made a great top with those basket blocks and the lace!

Thelma said...

I've never seen lace used as sashing before but I like it, what a great idea, perfect for that quilt.

I think the background you've chosen for your snowman blocks is perfect. It looks like a blizzard in the background.

I like my favorite things around me in my sewing room too, it just makes it so much fun to have a happy place to hang out.

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