Friday, March 5, 2010


OK, this has been a winter to complain about, so I thought I would show the beginning of spring here in the South.

These two are very tiny flowering weeds in our front yard.

Here we see the new growth leaves on one of the rose bushes: right under the old rose that I didn’t trim off last Fall. I am now waiting until we stop having below freezing nights to prune back these bushes.

Also, note that the Hydrangeas are even leafing.

All of the trees have buds on them, still tightly closed, but ready for it to be just a little warmer.

This is the oak tree that is closest to the house. Look at what I found on it today. That is quite a bloom, isn’t it?

Yesterday I went to get the beads I made in class last Saturday.

OK, these are not professional quality by any means but I don’t think they are bad at all considering this was my first time staring at hot glass through open flame. ;-)

Tomorrow I am going to be taking a class on digitizing embroidery designs. I have noticed that my computer skills are not as good as they used to be: I do not assimilate new techniques as fast or as well as I used to. I attribute this to the fact that I no longer work with the computer as much as I did and am not forced to use new software like I did when I was working. However, DH has some ideas for designs he would like that I have not found online so he is paying for half of the class just so I can work for him. We’ll see how that works out later.


loulee said...

Hey, spring has sprung!
We have daffodil leaves showing and the odd crocus, but it's still bloody freezing!!
Not too much longer, I hope.

Those beads are sweet, do you have a use in mind?

karenfae said...

it is always nice at this time of year to start finding plants budding out isn't it!! so glad that spring comes early to us here in the south - like the quilt at the top of your page!

Pat said...

I am seeing some small signs of impending spring here in southern Delaware...thank goodness!!! Your beads are very nice, in my uneducated (about beads) opinion!!! LOL Good luck with the new class, too.

Wilma NC said...

I love those trees that bloom plastic bags, lol. I am soooo ready for spring.

joanne lendaro said...

Love the glass beads! HATE the plastic in the tree!!!!!!!!!! LOVE the buds, I need to go hunting for signs of spring here. We had those same flowering weeds in Indiana, they are a love/hate thing for the yard.

Jessica said...

I love your camera.