Monday, March 8, 2010

Busy Week(end)

When I got home from my travels on Thursday I found a package wedged between the front door and the storm door. It was from Joanne and her most recent giveaway. This wind chime is now hanging from the swing on the deck and makes beautiful music while I am reading my new quilting magazines. The little blue egg held M&Ms but they were gone well before I got the camera out. Thanks again, Joanne.

This is what is on my design wall.

And this is why. I took all the pieces down and stacked them up so I could assembly line sew. I have one piano keys border sewn but still need to sew all those strips together for the other three. I did sew several DP blocks together but have lots more to go. I also took some time yesterday to cut three borders for a comfort quilt: I hope to get them sewn on soon.

My embroidery digitizing class on Saturday was great: I really learned a lot. The class ran from 8 until 5 with only 30 min for lunch. I was so busy that I forgot to take my camera out of my bag so there are no pictures. Then I spent part of Sunday afternoon reviewing the lessons and trying my hand at some simple digitizing. Don’t expect to see any of my designs, it will be a while before I am willing to show any of that work: must practice, practice, practice.


  1. Oh, c'mon...I am your birdhouse you can show ME one of your designs...right?? hehehe

  2. What a great little package!! You received Quilt Magazine too! That is the magazine that my first ad appeared in, you can see it in the back. And also the quilt Sweet Baby Dreams is in this magazine and the one that my shop is kitting. I am so excited about both. I am looking forward to seeing your quilt all sewn up. Sometimes it is nice to have an empty design wall, it means progress is being made.

  3. I'm dreaming of summer and reading on the porch..soon.
    Love your header picture too.

  4. http://ivani-arteemcasa.blogspot.comMarch 8, 2010 at 7:57 AM

    I like the piano key border, and yours seems to be very pretty.
    So, you won another giveaway!!! What a lucky person you are. Congratulations and enjoy your gifts.

  5. glad the package arrived and you are enjoying it so much!! Yea, Jackie!! On the ads and stuff!! haha!! You did a much better job with the photo of the wind chime!

  6. I like the wind chime. We're likely redoing our patio or building a deck this summer. We'll need something like that.

  7. What a fun weekend for you! I like my wind chime music, too! Happy Monday! :)

  8. What a great package to get Gari!
    Looking forward to seeing your new digitized designs. How fun!
    Oh...I really looooooove that puppy in the earlier post. My aunt and uncle have one who's 10 now. His name is Zeus. He's huge and sooooo loveable!
    hugs and friends,

  9. that wind chime is too cute!!! And it's nice to have something new and fun to read - with an empty design wall, with your new inspriting magazines, it won't be empty for long!!!
    Love the piano keys - I have never made that border, but they sure look great when done!!
    have a great week and sit out and enjoy your wind chime!!


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