Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Painted Pants

Well, really they are painted overalls. As requested by a couple of people, here is a picture of the overalls I bought at the Art & Crafts Show last weekend.

And this is a picture of the ones I bought last year.

These are so very comfortable, especially for long days of sewing.

Today was spent with our daughter and her husband (his 45th birthday). We drove 110 miles to eat at a Bass Pro Shop restaurant and the she and I went off (left the “boys” to shop on their own) to secretly purchase a HDTV as a surprise gift for him. This was her birthday and “thank you” gift for all his support while she was in nursing school. When we went back to pick the guys up he was asked to move a package from the back seat to the back of the truck. Imagine his surprise when he saw what he was moving. It is really fun to see a wife, or husband, going to great lengths to be nice to her/his spouse.

We had lots of fun, lots of laughs, and were ready for rest by the time we got home.

No sewing for the last couple of days but hope to get back in the studio by tomorrow afternoon.


  1. Lucky you to have family within driving distance to share the small moments of life. What a nice birthday story, Thanks for sharing!

  2. the pants look very comfy! nice to have family close enough to visit even if you have to drive 90 minutes or so.

  3. Well I think you are a real cutie patootie in those...really unusual and cute!!

  4. Gari those are some fabulous overalls! They look so comfy and you look to darn cute!
    hugs and friends,

  5. Am I the only person in the world who didn't know Bass Pro Shops had their own restaurants? Something about this fascinates me.

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  7. Cute, cute, cute! Thanks for sharing pictures.

  8. wow, they are just fantastic, really overalls art ! niels


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