Monday, March 21, 2011

Design Deck


Since this is the only thing on the Design wall, looking very lonely, I decided to photograph it outside.  This is the latest block for the LCQAL from Moose on the Porch.  I really like this block and may have to make a quilt using it.

013However, this is what I worked on Sunday.  I am still trying to get all that 30s fabric used up so I sewed 2” strips together to begin making 16 patches for a comfort quilt. 



So I laid them out on the cutting mat and cut them in 2” segments.


And now they are piled up waiting for me to come back to the studio and sew them together.




One other thing I did was to start drawing the applique shapes for Esther’s BOM onto the fusible.  I think I have everything drawn for one Block #3 but I will have to do it again, twice so I have to figure out enough fabric for all three.




I did take a little break to read some of this new novel.  I have read everyone of her books so I feel I know this family well, both current and historical.



Friday DH and I were in Pensacola.  Our routine there is that I drop him at Barnes & Nobel and I head to the local fabric store.  I have a new project in mind and went to get fabric that I couldn’t find in my stash.  Here it almost looks like a Halloween quilt but, no, it isn’t.  More to come later.


And while I was in town I visited Martelli’s home store.  I have driven by there several times but had never stopped.  And I was not familiar with their products.  But as you can see from this picture, I am going to become familiar.  They were really very nice, took a lot of time showing me many of their products and invited me to come back Tuesday for their “National Quilting Day” celebration.  Can’t go but enjoyed my visit.

After all my spending, DH and I drove to Daphne, AL where we spent the night so we could be close by  Fairhope, AL and be early for their annual Arts Festival.  We usually drive down from home (140 miles) getting there around noon when it is hot and filled with LOTS of people.  This time it was still cool and not crowded.  And once again it was wonderful.  I love seeing other people’s creativity and all the diversity of mediums.  Later this week I will share a couple of the things we bought but mostly we just looked.

Now, if you made it down this far, be sure to go over to Judy’s blog to see what other quilters have on their design walls.


Wilma NC said...

I see some Bliss!!

Kare said...

Oh, oh, looks like you did some serious damage there! What is the polka dot thing? And is the other circular thing a rotating cutting mat?

Liriopia said...

Your 16 patches are going to look fabulous. I love the Elm Creek Quilt series also. Thanks for visiting my blog today.


Melinda said...

Love your Bliss block. Thanks for the reminder to download Esther's BOM.

Quilter Kathy said...

Great quilt along block...I am behind...again!

Quiltdivajulie said...

You will come to LOVE the Martelli rotary cutter - it is the only one I use now and it doesn't aggravate the arthritis in my thumb's CMC joint (yes!).

Marti said...

Oooh, great block, I think you should make a quilt out of it too. I didn't know there was a new book by Jennifer Chiaverini. I was a little disappointed in her last one, but this one looks good.

I'm envious that your dh likes to go to arts festivals with you. That sounds like fun.