Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More Universal Pictures

raft ride 1

Shortly after we got to Universal we found ourselves watching a river raft ride. DH really wanted to go and after some begging my sister agreed to go with him. My BIL and I decided we would watch from a bridge. This picture is of the rapids that came down to the bridge.

Here they come

It seemed like we waited forever but finally “here they came.” Watch for the lady in the hat and the bald man, they belong to me.

down they go

They came rocking and rolling and were already yelling. It just looked like fun to me so I couldn’t see why they would be yelling. Of course, they were laughing, too.

they see something

At this point some of the people seem to see something. I wonder what it could be?

there's the somethingOh, my, there is a water fall. What’s going to happen?

shower anyone

As my BIL said, “shower anyone?” Our two got soaked. And, I’m afraid, we thought it was really funny. And you’d think they would have been happy that we were there to take pictures of their wonderful time at Universal.

012 (2)

After the above ride, we couldn’t talk them into going on this one. I wonder why?

Tomorrow I will share pictures from Hogwarts and the Dr. Seuss village. What imagination some people have.


Pat said...

Water rides are fun...until you need to walk around in soggy clothes the rest of the day!!!

karenfae said...

I went on these a time or two and the soggy clothes for the rest of the day was not fun. I always thought if I ever go to another theme park again I will need to pack a tote with dry clothes rent a locker to stick it in and enjoy the ride!

Wilma NC said...

I never mind the wet clothes, just the wet shoes. Looks fun.

Darcie said...

;D Fun! I love those kinds of rides!!! What great pics, Gari. Enjoy!

Oh...and I think Dr. Seuss just had a birthday, didn't he? Regardless, wishing you and The Dr. a happy day!