Monday, March 28, 2011

Design Wall Repeat


My design wall has not changed since last Wednesday.  These are the 16 patch squares I am making out of 30’s scraps.  I have also sewn about 15 2” double strips to make more and have cut them into 2” sets but that’s as far as I have gotten.



And this is as far as I have gotten on Block 3a for Heart’s Desire.  I have all the pieces ready to fuse but then I will have to do it over again three times.  This is a very complex, for me, applique piece.

The reason I haven’t gotten any more done is that my Railz and Edgrider  wheels (Urban Elementz) for the HQ came on Friday: I almost kissed the Fed Ex man.  So on Saturday DH and I put the wheels on the machine and the track on the frame.   


Here is the machine with it’s new wheels.  And you can see the track under the carriage.


And here is the wheel behind the stitch regulator.  The funny thing is that the stitch regulator is now working better than ever.


So, of course, I had to quickly load (Red Snappers) the comfort quilt I had been saving and try it out.  I was amazed at what an improvement I had in control.



I used a panto and it was ever so easy to stay on the lines, much more than before. 


And the quilt is quilted.  I still need to make a binding but that will wait until the weekend.

Between the Red Snappers and the Railz/Edgeriders, I was a happy quilter Sunday.

Be sure to check out Judy’s blog for more inspirations.



Wilma NC said...

Wish I had a stitch regulator. But I am so used to doing it the "old fashioned " way, it doesn't seem hard at all anymore. I've been doing freemo on the last few quilts I did, but I'm going to use a panto on the next one.

Bonnie said...

Oh joy when the quilting goes fast and smoothly! I just got Red Snappers and LOVE them. And, once I figure out where to put the leaders for easy loading I will love them more. Your panto looks great. B.

Chris said...

My new leader and ender project is 30s prints making 36 patch squares.

The little bear quilt is just adorable!!

Kathie said...

Your 1930's quilt is going to be very cute.

Melinda said...

You have been busy - You will enjoy quilting even more with the new wheels.

Kim said...

Oh wow this looks like fun!
I hope you're enjoying the process :0)...well did you kiss the UPS man?
I think he sees lots of happy ladies when he brings quilting supplies :0)!!

Happy Sewing

Vicki said...

Love the Panto! I am glad your machine is up running. I replaced some track on my frame and it made a huge difference!

LuAnn said...

I love those 30s blocks. Those will make a neat quilt.

Kate said...

Love the bright 30's blocks. Congratulations on getting your quilting machine back in commission. Cute quilt with the bears all over it!

Quilter Kathy said...

Very exciting! I think you are brave to tackle handling all this machinery to do your own quilting!

Perry said...

You have been a busy lady. I like the quilt you have on your quilting machine. Actually I like everything you are working on. You have been busy!