Wednesday, March 30, 2011



Above are 3 1/2” strips of batiks that I have cut for a new quilt project.


And this is what I am doing with them. On the right you can see the colored strips sewn to a 1” strip of black. Lying on the machine bed, in the middle, is the same but pressed and on the left are the segments, cut apart. I have sewn about 100 of the 700 needed and then I get to sew another black strip to the other side.

And I am trying to teach myself to do leaders/enders using the 30s fabric squares. I seem to find that I have sewn many pieces before I remember I was going to do a leader first. But by the time I get all of these done I should have learned this lesson for good.


This is my “Rose Among the Thorns” picture. Those thorns are really long, strong, and sharp. But my bushes are full of flowers and many more buds. Spring and rain means March in Alabama. Thumbs up


Pat said...

That is going to be one great batik quilt!

LuAnn said...

Your batiks are beautiful and so is your rose. I still want to see how the 16 patch 30s quilt turns out.