Thursday, March 3, 2011

Harry Potter at Universal


Probably the most impressive part of Universal’s Islands of Adventure is the Hogwarts Structure in the Harry Potter park.

014 (2)

It sits on a cliff but opens up to the road that leads to Diagon Alley.  The ride is held inside Hogwarts.

016 (2)

This griffin meets you as you enter the building.  Because it is so very dim inside, it wasn’t possible to get very many pictures.

020 (2)


Here is the sorting hat, encouraging us through the school.

We were unable to take any pictures during the ride.  We felt like we were soring on a broom, following Harry through the castle, being chased by a dragon, spiders, death eaters, etc.  But in the end we were congratulated by the HP cast for getting through the ride and invited back to Hogwarts, anytime.  I’m ready!


Pat said...

Was this ride fast and scary?

Diane said...

Did it really feel like you were on a broom? I see the commercials on TV and it looks so fun! My daughter is out of her HP phase (she's 15 now) but there were many years where she was obsessed.. I'd love to be able to go!

Kari Nitzel said...

Sounds like fun, can't wait to save up for a vacation there.