Friday, March 4, 2011

The End


The last part of Universal we visited was SeussVille.  This was where I saw the most quilting inspiration and it was through the colors.  I can’t be as “wonkey” as he was.


027 (2)

And the most striking part was the Merry-Go-Round.  Of course that animals are directly out of the Dr. Seuss books

029 (2)


and the colors were brilliant. 

031 (2)

I was really taken with this ride, not to go on but to watch.  I’m sure some parents wondered if I wasn’t a stalker as I was taking pictures of the animals and their children just happened to get in the picture, too.


And then it was time to leave the park and get ready to go home.

We had such a wonderful time, some rides, good food, great family visit, and the love of our children than made it possible.  We came home very happy people.

Next week, back to real life and quilting.

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Pat said...

I'd have been captivated by the Dr. Seuss stuff, too.