Thursday, January 21, 2010

Busy (non quilting) Week

Well, I have taught 2 Weight Watcher’s classes, done the paperwork for both, done laundry, picked up around the house, made a block for the quilt shop BOM, taken the dogs out several times, read blogs, and made one 188 mile trip for a Weight Watcher staff meeting and provided assistance at my LQS one morning. That said, I have not even been in the studio.

I turned the heaters on Monday but was called and asked to come in to the LQS because she was having a sale, had hurt her back and her regular helpers were unavailable. Go play with fabric? Well, of course, so off I went.

Now I don’t know about everyone else but we have a lady, Karen on the right, whose business is to provide different fabrics for small quilt shops. She travels in a van LOADED with bolts of fabric.

She/we unload about half of what is in the van and then everyone is allowed to poke around in the van as well as with what’s on the tables. She comes about every two months and it is really lots of fun. Besides, Karen is a fun person and we look forward to seeing her.

And, yes, I took advantage of my time there: this is my pile of pre-purchased fabric.

Then, while waiting for the staff meeting Wednesday, I just happened to visit a wonderful discount fabric store where I did a “little” shopping. So now I guess I better get to sewing.

But before I do, look what DH sent for.

I LOVE flavored coffee and Decadent Dark Chocolate is my all time favorite. And the Cool CafĂ© Blues comes in a close second. We used to have a Barnie’s store close to us but it closed. Then my DS#3 was close to one but he moved so now there isn’t one by anyone in the family. So imagine my surprise, and excitement, when the FedEx man showed up with this package. No wonder I have stayed with DH for so long. ;-)


Kay said...

Great fabric to use! Hope the weather lets you do some sewing soon.

Pat said...

WOW.....would I ever love to look through a van-full of fabric!!! Nice coffee you got, too (but I'm a tea drinker, so you could invite me there and your coffee would be safe!!!)

Jessica said...

Jealous for the Cool Cafe Blues! :-)

QuiltedSimple said...

Wow. All that fabric looks like pure heaven!

Gina said...

Yes Hubby looks like he's definitely a keeper.
Love all the fabric you bought

LOve and hugs Gina xxx