Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ready, set.....

Well, I am this close to beginning the work on the New Year's Day Longarm University class, the Not Quite Traditional Quilt with Cindy Roth. For this class we were given the directions to make the quilt you see to the right. Then the class was/is instruction on several non-traditional ways to freehand quilt it. Well, prior to leaving town I chose my fabric and cut it but didn't have time to sew the top and, of course, I was at THE football game on New Year's Day.

When I got back I crashed for a day and then began sewing on this, along with laundry and other mundane things that needed to get done. And, I was slowed by the fact that when I try to do something fast, I make mistakes, like sewing the bears paws to the sashing backwards. I kept looking at it saying "that doesn't look right." Anyway, I finished it on Monday and yesterday I got the backing together and everything on the frame, ready to quilt. Today I have other responsibilities so I plan for Thursday and Friday to be quilting days.

Meanwhile, while I am working so hard, this is what my little family is doing.

No wonder they are so happy when Daddy is home. Most of the time when I come in from the studio (or the laundry room, or from cleaning the kitchen, etc.) this is where I find all four of them.

And snuggling is a really good idea around here right now. We have been having below freezing temps, teens at night and low 40s during the day. They are even forcasting for a low of around 11 for the weekend. Now I want to tell you that I didn't move to the South for this kind of weather and I want it to GO AWAY!!!


  1. WOW, your husband doesn't really need a quilt with all his furry friends! I like Cindy Roth, I haven't done any classes with her, but I have purchased some of her tools. She has a wealth of info!

    Your project looks great and I love working with the spring-like colors while it is SO COLD!

  2. Your hubby looks so comfortable and so do the pups!!! Good weather to cuddle up!!! I like the quilt you are working on--lovely colors!

  3. I am TRYING to feel sorry for you being down there in cold weather, but it's kind of hard when I'm in cold weather, too, and hating it!!! LOL I know...I moved south to escape it, but still....I'm having trouble generating much sympathy for you....hehehe (MY hubby spends a lot of his days and nights like that, too, with the pup on his lap.)

  4. You should tell Eric if he had a snuggie, he'd be able to pet the dogs WHILE STILL UNDER THE BLANKET. Ah-mazing. Stay warm ;-)

  5. Can't wait to see the quilting on your quilt. Love the spring colors. I've been watching the news about the crazy weather you're getting. Hope things warm up soon for you!

  6. love the quilt. and hope it warms up soon!

  7. How is your bruised face and black eye coming along?
    You poor thing.....I do hope you are okay and on the mend.

    Happy 2010 and Happy Sewing

  8. Funny that's how Button starts out the night then ends up on my side about half way through the night!

  9. Now that is one pile of happiness there! Too cute!


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