Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year and Outgoing

When you read this I will be in Tampa, cheering. But I wanted to be sure and start the new year blogging.

First is the lap quilt I made for my mother who has collected all things chicken for several years. I was gifted with several chicken fabrics from some very nice bloggers and had just recently made a Dresden plate block for a BOM so this was the result. Mother has a “sunroom” that in the winter is very chilly so I hope this will keep her warm.

Second is a birdhouse quilt made for my husband’s sister and her husband. They are avid birdwatchers and I have wanted to do a birdhouse quilt for them but never could get a clear idea of what to do. Then Pat offered some paper pieced birdhouse blocks and when they arrived I was off and running.

Next I made two flannel rag quilts:

One for our youngest grandson –

and one for our great grandson.

Instead of the squares I did two sizes of WOF strips with batting sandwiched in. After they were pieced I quilted them on the HQ and then clipped (what seemed like forever) and washed/dried them three times.

For our DD and SIL I made double fleece throws. DD is a Dallas Cowboy’s fan and loves her coffee and when I happened onto a fleece sale the idea was born. I sewed them right sides together, turned them and then sewed twice around the outside so it looks like a binding. Our SIL’s throw is camouflage on one side and Elk on the other. Several years ago he and his son talked about wanting to go Elk hunting and I really liked this fabric. I told them I made these so they could turn the heat down in their house and save money.

The last thing I made this Christmas was machine embroidered pillowcases for our DIL. She collects porcelain Swedish horses and when I found these designs they seemed perfect.

Lastly I did a couple of t-shirts for DH and then I took a well deserved break.

Hope everyone has been having a fun and save holiday!


Wilma NC said...

Guess I will be your first reader of 2010!!! I love the rag quilt with the WOF. Looks great. The chickens are cute too. Hope you have a really good year.

Pat said... accomplished a LOT. I love all that you showed here (and I'm sure the recipients did, too). I'm so happy the birdhouse blocks got put to good use as they'd been sitting in my drawer for a couple of years! I was happy to give them to someone who made such great use of them. I hope YOUR team wins the big game!!!

karenfae said...

have fun at the game, I hope the weather will be wonderful for you.

jonni said...

Beautiful stuff, you have a lucky family.

quiltmom said...

Your family is very lucky- I am sure they all loved their beautiful handmade gifts.
I love the horse pillowcases- My mother is of Swedish descent and she has some Red Horses that come from Sweden.
Wishing you all the best in 2010.