Monday, January 11, 2010

Still behind

I don’t know about everyone else’s part of the country, but it is still COLD here. I know that for a lot of people, that means that it is a great time to get into the sewing room and get some sewing/quilting done. That is not the case here. My studio is separate from the main house and is not centrally heated or air conditioned. I have two really good space heaters that heat two of the three rooms and during the winter I go over first thing in the morning and turn them on. Usually by 9 or 10 the studio is warm enough for me to begin working in there. HOWEVER, for the last week we have had night time temps of 15 – 22 and daytime temps not over 39 and my two little space heaters have not been up to the task. I did try to do some quilting last week but I found that with the inside temp of 53 it was still too cold to stay in there for very long. For that reason my design wall has nothing on it this week. Drop by Judy’s blog and see what others are getting done.

This is what I did get accomplished in my short time in the studio.

The first picture is the first part of the quilting plan Cindy gave us. She calls it “nontraditional Baptist fans.” We were to draw it out on plexiglass placed on the quilt so we could see how it was going to look before the actual quilting was done.

The second picture shows my markings and quilting. On the yellow row is a wiggly cross hatching. I have only gotten a little way but I like what I have been doing so far. I am really enjoying Cindy’s quilting class and hope to get back to it Tuesday.

So what have I been doing with my time? Well, I have been working on creating a sewing space in the house. I decided that for days when it is too cold, or too hot in the summer, or when I want/need to stay in the house (you know like when I am doing laundry and such) but also want to sew, I needed a little nook for my creativity. So I have been moving furniture and while doing that I have been sorting, cleaning, and wondering why I have kept so much junk. I have also found that a lot of dust collects in places where I haven’t been. Right now I have a pretty big mess to contend with but this is what I have created so far.

I am pretty excited about this. And it gives me a reason to not part with my oldest sewing machine which I still enjoy using.

I also have been playing with this.

DH got this for me for Christmas but since they had sold out I didn’t get it until this week. I have wanted an e-reader since they came out but when he saw this from Barnes and Nobel he decided it was the one. I have ordered the Chicago Tribune to be sent daily (hasn’t started yet) because we used to read it every day when we lived in the Chicago area long, long ago. And I am busy browsing for books and reading samples. It is very easy to use and I love electronic gadgets.


Todd said...

A new gadget? Let me check my pulse...nope, no increase. Look forward to hearing more about it and yet another furniture moving! Mom and Dad's house = constant flux.

Quilting4U said...

Oh my Gosh! I love it, I am so seriously jealous! I most certainly must sign up for one of her classes! Are you taking it online?

I am always looking for something new to learn and to inspire me with my quilting, this one really does it for me!!!! I guess I should check Cindy's website more often??!! You are doing a GREAT job! I know what you mean about the cold! I worked on nothing but hand stitching on my bindings a couple of days, just to stay under my quilts and AWAY from all the terrible drafts in my home! My little space heater has been working its heart out!

Thanks so much for your post, it gave me a kick of inspiration that I needed!!

karenfae said...

53 degrees is too cold to quilt!! it will warm up for you this week I bet it is for us in Arkansas so it should for you too! Space heaters are nice but not heat a big space with. I had to put one in my bathroom all week as we do not have a vent in there - normally isn't a problem but this week! (old house what can I say)

quilts said...

I know exactly what you are feeling or not feeling with the space heaters in your quilting room. I have my machine in my studio out back and have to do the same thing. Yesterday it was -7 at 6 am an I thin it was only 26 all day. After 2 hours and no noticable difference in the temp I turned it off and will wait for a warmer day. Love your quilting ideas! Claudia

Pat said...

Oh, my surely can't quilt very comfortably if the temp won't get above 53 even with the space heater. I'm glad you are able to make a sewing nook in the house for yourself to use at such times. Love the look of your quilting so far!

SandyQuilts said...

Nice job.

Mary of does alot of freehand baptist fans and other designs.

I use clear vinyl to draw out my designs on ... easy to roll up after I clean it.

quiltingnana said...

reminded me of the saying...the hurrier I go the behinder I get

How lovely to have a special studio! When I don't want to stay in the spare room I revert to hand quilting. But of course I don't have a lovely quilting machine to keep me....never will warm up soon

Jessica said...

Where's the pink/yellow quilt going? Because I like it...:-)

Quiltdivajulie said...

LOVE those non-traditional fans ... love them!!!!!

Judy said...

First I have to say, commenter Jessica sounds just like my DD3! ;-) And Todd, he's a funny relative isn't he???
I'm done complaining about our rainy high 30s at night. That's warm compared to your temps! I love the quilting on the pink and yellow quilt. I love your mannequin! Your in house sewing space is going to be wonderful when the weather outside is frightful! I wanted an e reader but I've switched over from buying books to borrowing from the library. I figure we pay for it, we need to use it!

Melinda said...

I have the same problem with my longarm in the basement. Even with my two space heaters, I haven't been able to get it warm enough. I like the fan design. I did freehand baptist fans on a quilt last week for the first time and I really enjoyed it - it turned out great.

Enjoy your reader - I am still wanting one.

Roslyn said...

I love Baptist fans but I hate pantos & I am too impatient to do more than make registration marks so I do BF freehand it is great for traditional & scrappy quilts, really pulls the design together & unifies all the different bits. I think you will use this variation a lot-whenever you get back into the LA room!