Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back to the Real World

But before we get there I do need to share my birthday gift from DS and DIL: a visit to Alligator World.

Today I spent all day in the studio. I embroidered a Christmas shirt for me (I try to do one a year) and started on some free standing lace gift tags. I also started organizing my fabric strips as per Bonnie Hunter and cut and started sewing my minki throw. I enjoyed multi-tasking so much I even began cleaning up the cutting table and sewing room. Wow, writing about all that has left me exhausted.
On the left you will see a new give away picture. Daisy's Quilts has been online for one year and she is celebrating. I would encourage everyone to enter her give away but I really want to win so check it out but don't enter. lol


Robyn said...

Hi Gari...looks like a fun birthday present...happy birthday and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging.
Thanks for being part of my giveaway.
Robyn xx

Wilma NC said...

Alligator world? Would that be near St. Augustine? We were in that area in September but didn't have time to go there. Scary!!

Julie said...

Woo hoo - Gators!! Happy Birthday!