Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tomorrow is another day

Despite all my good intentions, I have not been sewing. For the last three days I have made plans to spend time in the studio, working on a birthday gift and a Christmas quilt. And all three days I have gotten in my car and driven to NW FL. On Friday we, DH and I, drove the 60 miles down to one of my favorite fabric stores where I was able to use my birthday discount to purchase a minki-like fashion fabric plus some on sale quilting cotton. I love sale fabric! We also went to Lowes to get some plastic drawers for me to begin storing left over "squares, bricks, and strips" as per Bonnie Hunter.

Saturday, as I was preparing to enter the studio to sew, I decided that we hadn't done anything about Christmas gifts. So off we went, back to NW FL, where we did quite a lot of Christmas shopping and, just by chance, some us shopping, too. I have a fondness for dark wood antiques and couldn't resist this:

It is a hand-made secretary. The top part is about 4' tall and the whole thing is almost 8' tall. I don't know what I am going to display on the shelves but I am sure it will come to me.

I also bought a new/old lamp:

It was on sale, 80 % off, I think because it is so big, 4 1/2' high. But it is perfect for me and will be even better when I put some crystal fringe on it.
So on with my no-sewing story. Today we had to go back to NW FL because the secretary was too big to put in my car yesterday. Then when we got home I spent the afternoon rearranging the furniture to accomodate the new finds.
So as far as sewing goes, "tomorrow is another day."

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pollyanna said...

I too love wood antiques, especially oak. I am a sucker for oak. I have spent the weekend sewing, so I made up for your not going into the studio :)