Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This is how far I have gotten on my Christmas wall hanging. The reindeer are all appliqued, the trees are only stuck on. Unfortunately I am out of time. This piece will be background for our Christmas village which will go on the hearth when we get back from our son's (Thanksgiving and my birthday). So, we will admire it as is for this Christmas and then I will finish the applique and quilting. I only hope I get it done in January rather than waiting until next November.

Here are the fabrics I bought with my birthday discount. Here are the quilting fabrics: I see 4 different projects there.
Here are the Minki-like fabrics. I got the animal print last November and the coral now. Back to back they will make a great throw and possibly a couple of pillows. All of this will be after Christmas projects.
And now I need to get packed. My DH, DD, and I are leaving early tomorrow morning to travel to St. Augustine for a family Thanksgiving. This will be a first in a long time that my twins (now 40) will be together for this holiday and I am really looking forward to it. I don't know if I will be online while we are gone but will try to take pictures to share. Happy Thanksgiving!


loulee1 said...

The reindeer look fantastic. Great idea.
Happy Birthday and thanksgiving, enjoy your holiday.

PS I finally said it 'out loud' for real. Thanks for your support.

Wilma NC said...

Your reindeer are precious! I just love the new Christmas fabrics that aren't the traditional red and green.

Mary said...

How pretty even if it's not finished. Just think how great it's going to look when it's actually quilted.