Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So many people post pictures of the Fall color, I thought I would do the same. Here, in the South, we mostly have green all year round. But, here and there are shots of color. This is in my front yard. We have several volunteer sugar maple trees scattered throughout the five acres and they give us a lot of color in the fall.

For some reason I have not been getting much done around here. It could be that my husband has been around more and keeps interrupting me. It also could be because we got a Wii and Wii Fit and have been playing with it. However, even with all these goings on, I have gotten 2 1/2 gifts done, am set up for the appliqueing on the reindeer, have the parts ready to sew together on a BOM and am almost ready to load a table topper for quilting. And, if it wasn't laundry day, I would be in the studio now getting someting done. So I better get off this computer, get some laundery loaded, and get busy.


Julie said...

The trees are starting to look really pretty here in Valley, Alabama, too.

pollyanna said...

Most of our trees stay green as we live in evergreen country, but those that don't are bare already. The leaves were falling nicely on their own and then TaDa! the rains came and knocked most the others off. I had a busy day while I celebrated our veterans. Almost finished a queen quilt top for my son (just need 1.5 yards for a first border). Glad you have so much done already!