Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Newfound Backyard

Update: The second half of the house has moved. It is not off the property but it has moved about 200' and is just waiting for the licensed truck driver to show up again. But for now the house is sitting next to my studio. I must say that I couldn't stay in the sewing room of the studio while it was going by: way too close for me.

The funny thing is that this truck has been around for so long (almost three weeks) that it is looking like part of the family parking lot.

And this is the best part, the view from my house. It is a little messy right now (and since it is going down to 25 tonight will probably stay that way for a while) but cleaned up and with grass won't this be a beautiful view?

Everything we can see from here is ours and I love it.

My sewing today consisted of shortening the pants I bought Saturday. I even got Petites and had to shorten the legs: it doesn't seem fair. But now I have 5 new pair that fit so I can go back to quilting tomorrow. I need to be working on the appliqued reindeer and have a table topper to quilt, already loaded on the frame. It's funny but living in the quilting world means there is always work to be done. Yea!


pollyanna said...

What an adventure with the house moving! Andyes, great view. I think you will enjoy it--even with short little legs LOL

The unfairness isn't just for petite legs....I'm 6' tall and can't find long enough pants...can't add a few inches like you can shorten them! Unfair at any length!!

Julie said...

You sure will have a lovely yard!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Congrats on your continued weight loss, shopping to see how clothes fit us definitely part of the fun. :^)

Have you got plans how to fix up your new view? Looking forward to seeing what else you are working on...