Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

Positive things happened this weekend. Saturday my daughter and I went shopping. We were celebrating her 40th birthday and looking for smaller clothes for both of us due to significant weight loss through Weight Watchers. We shopped consignment and thrift stores, because we plan to loose even more, and had a great time.

And today there was significant movement in my yard. This may sound funny but two years ago we moved into a new house. We had a double wide mobile home that we continued to use for storage for a while and then tried to get rid of it. I offered it for free but no one wanted to try to move it. Then in August my SIL sold it for us: the bill of sale said it had to be moved by November 1. Well no one came to move it until the end of October. They worked on getting the tires on (30 years sitting) and finally on October 30 the parts were separated and the front half was moved from the backyard to the side. But because it was late it was decided that they would move everything the next day. So on the 31st I left for a meeting figuring that when I got home I would have an empty back yard (5 acres) to start working on. Well, was I surprised when I came home and everything was just like I left it. And it stayed that way until today: no one could find the mover. So today one half of the house is gone and who knows when the second half will follow. But I am concentrating on the progress of today and enjoying the empty space in the side yard.


Patti said...

Oh my - how odd!

And congratulations to both of you on the weight loss. Well done - hooray weight watchers! I hope your leader is even half as good as ours.

Wilma NC said...

Well, half a home gone is better than none, lol. It sounded funny saying you wanted to give it away. Congrats on your weight loss.

Julie said...

So funny! I hope you reclaim your yard soon.