Thursday, November 13, 2008

A look back in (my) time.

In September 2007 my quilt guild invited Flavin Glover to teach a class. Until that time I had never made even one log cabin block. On that day I made four little blocks (Flavin uses very small strips for her blocks) and am just now getting ready to quilt a small table topper that has them in it. However, I did do a complete log cabin project.

I made several quilt blocks and stitched them onto a muslin jacket. I made the jacket pattern in PatternMaster Botique.

But on the way I had another idea:

I decided that I could make a jacket with removable sleeves: jacket/vest. And I did it. Now I can't tell you that the vest looks really good on me (really broad shoulders) but the idea is good and it is a great learning tool. And it was lots of fun to demo at guild.

I really enjoyed making the log cabin blocks and plan to make a quilt with them one day but it just seems like I keep coming up with new ideas that then push the old ideas


pollyanna said...

Your quilt top is just beautiful. The colors are very nice (I was sitting in class this morning, listening to speeches when a student looked over and said, "I seem to see a lot of purple over there." My folder, blouse, shoes, pen were all purple, as was the t-shirt of the young man sitting next to me). One of my first quilts was a log cabin and many following. Nice pattern :) Love the vest, too!

Wilma NC said...

Very pretty jacket!! Enjoyed looking at your blog, and appreciate you looking at mine. All your quilts are so pretty.Just wondering where in the "south" do you live?

Julie said...

Isn't Flavin great? Your jacket is so very pretty.

Patti said...

This really takes me back! I made a log cabin jacket in browns many, many years ago - the pattern was a bit different from yours as the sleeves were also from LC blocks. I wore it until it literally fell apart. I've often thought it wold be fun to make another one. Should finish losing the weight first however as I certainly don't need the additional padding right now LOL!