Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off To Work I Went

Back in the studio, how wonderful. Today I finished the quilting on Ode to Flavin. I have it squared but for some reason I hadn't cut the binding so I had to do that, too. It isn't on yet but it sitting, with the quilt, by the sewing machine, ready to go.

I have all the blocks done for the Double Delight table topper:

Next I need to cut the setting triangles and then sew the rows together. The triangles will be the same blue as in the double 9 patch blocks and I think this is going to look great.

I also worked on the embellishment for the B&W challenge quilt but that won't be shown until it is done.

And to end this post I thought I would show a quilt I did for DH several years ago. He collects B-Western "stuff" including a lot of comics
so I made this quilt for him:

It is tied as I hadn't learned how to machine quilt at that time. The pictures are getting faded but I don't see me doing another any time soon.


jovaliquilts said...

That B-Western quilt is really fun!

Perry said...

Like the B Western theme on this quilt. Really unusual. I am sure your husband loves it. Husbands have stranger hobbies than we do sometimes, don't they, lol.