Saturday, January 24, 2009

No Quilting in the South

You have heard about life getting in the way? Well, this is the life that has gotten in the way here:

She is a 7 month old daschund. She has been living with a family who loves her but their other dog doesn't. She had been given to two other people who couldn't handle her energy. She is currently here on trial to see if our other two dogs will be all right with this lively and pushy puppy. In the mean time I am not in the studio but in the house either holding or playing with this dog. Wish us luck!


  1. She looks very sweet. I sure hope it works out this time for her as she must be VERY confused to keep getting bounced around from one home to the other. Hopefully, she will get a long-enough trial in your home that her confusion leaves and she can settle down and become part of a family...finally. I say...if you can't do any quilting, this is as good an excuse as any! I think this little lady NEEDS you, Gari. I really do...

  2. I hope she works out for you...she is just adorable.

  3. Thanks for visiting, Gari - you have a pretty pic and a lovely blog - hope your new comer settles in nicely!
    Australia Day - 26 January 1788 - first fleet arrived here, so a great day for Australia! Oh, to think I might not have been here now, if that hadn't happened (lol)!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  4. She is sooo cute! I hope she can finally have a permanent home. Dashunds are so lovable.

  5. I hope she works out for you...she is just adorable.

  6. That lively pushy puppy is adorable. If she doesn't work at your house, send her this way, my 2 dogs and 5 cats accepts (eventually) just about anything that is brought into the house.
    Gari, thanks for dropping in my blog and commenting. Finally another southerner. I was beginning to think I was the only one from the Heart of Dixieland! LOL I couldn't be so lucky as that you are on the AL coast would I? I'll be stopping in again, have to hear update on that beautiful baby (the 4 legged one).


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