Friday, January 9, 2009

Multiple Projects

What a fun day I have had. A little quilting:

this is Ode To Flavin - started after Flavin Glover was a teacher at my LQG in 2007.

I also added some double 9 patch blocks to the Rolling Star Block. I still have several more of each to go but we are on our way.

This is a new project. I am part of the Calendar Quilt Challenge and this is my start. The challenge is to add a strip a day for the entire year and it will eventually be a coin quilt, something I have never done.

and a little crafting: I took an old lamp and made it beautiful......


  1. Wow....great job on all of it, you busy lady!

  2. are some CREATIVE gal. I am very impressed with your ideas and the end results!

  3. I love the idea of the calendar quilt challenge. A strip a day is definitely manageable!

  4. I have been catching up and you have been busy! Everything looks wonderful. That lamp looks like it got a full face lift :) And I love your quilt on the frame. Love the colors. And I adore black and white and red! Busy wonderfully busy!

  5. Hi Gari,
    Thanks for coming to visit my blog- it is nice to meet new quilters.
    I have made a few coin quilts- there is a star one posted in one of my earlier posts that I made for a wedding gift. I think it is a cool idea to add a strip a day - You should certainly get more than one quilt out of it. Are you making it from a pattern or will it be designed as you go?
    It sounds like you are having lots of fun with your machines- I have limited space but enjoy the Babylock machine very much. I will look forward to visiting your blog again.

  6. Hello...I was glad for your visit....I thought I would come over and see what you are up to..looks like quiet a lot. I love seeing your mystery quilt in different colors...can't wait to see the finished project.....

  7. You have been very busy!! Love the quilt and especially the lamp makeover.

  8. A calendar quilt...will be looking forward to seeing that one. You did a great job on the lamp. Isn't it fun to be retired and do what you want to more or less? I don't miss working either.


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