Monday, January 26, 2009

New Family Member : Passes Test

After a weekend of watching how everyone gets along, we are welcoming our new puppy. We still haven't figured out an appropriate name but that should be coming sometime this week.

When I look at this dog, a dapple daschund, she looks like someone spilled bleach on her. And it reminds me of a college incident. My first day at college, I was standing in the student bookstore when another freshman, a boy, came by and ask me this question: "Is there a difference between starch and bleach." Without a thought I said "no." I don't know what made me do it but, at the time, I thought it was kind of funny. A few days later I again saw this boy, with blotchie clothes. I spent the rest of that year hiding from him and/or hopeing that he didn't remember my face. I did go home and told my mother and her best friend. The friend had two younger sons and she began immediately teaching them how to wash their own clothes.

I did finally get some quilting done today. My charity D9P:

This is how I pieced the back:

I had two parts of the 9 patchs left over so I added it to some border fabric and then stuck it in the middle. I am very happy with how it came out. I am going to piece leftovers for the binding but that comes tomorrow.

I am getting some vibration in parts of the quilt bed so I am putting these weights on top of the quilt and then moving them as I go along. The little pins (weight on left) hold the weight in place while I am quilting. I got these at a quilt show where someone was selling her sewing stuff: I love them.


Pat said...

Oh, I'm glad to hear the puppy passed the test and I love that disappearing 9-patch. Congrats on winning the prize at Gene Black's 125th post giveaway!!!

Dragon's Dolphin said...

Awe Gari, I was totally hoping she wouldn't work out and you'd have to bring her to me! Shucks. Although I'm sure DH is ecstatic as he keeps telling me NO MORE CRITTERS! LOL
Love how the quilt is coming along!

Wilma NC said...

Nice quilt. I'm not sure I understand the use of the weights, but sometimes it takes me a while, lol.

GARI said...

the weights give just enough extra tension to keep the fabric/frame from vibrating. The floor in my studio is not level and I haven't been able to get the frame completely level, thus the vibration. And until I can get it level I need a little extra help.

Sew Many Ways... said...

Hi Gari,
I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog. Your new dog is soooo cute. Can't wait to hear what his name is.