Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Anniversary to US

I will start by explaining that I am 66 years old and have been on Weight Watchers since April, loosing 50# so far. Having said that, DH and I had a wonderful anniversary: together for 48 years. We started our celebrating at Red Lobster:

Where I ate this. I will tell you that I did check out the WW points prior to going and was careful, kind of.

We then went to the movies:

This is a very cute movie, lots of fun, lots of dogs, and lots of laughs. I think the most fun was that many parents (not too many) were there with their little (3 - 5 yo) kids and I would laugh t the movie and then laugh again at the kids reactions. They were so spontaneous it was charming, an everyone, including my DH, behaved themselves.

Then, after the movie we went to see THE WILD WOMEN OF QUILTING trunk show. Several of the local quilt guilds got together and sponsered a three day longarm workshop (I didn't know about it so didn't go) and trunk show. When I heard about it I told my husband that I would have loved to have gone but, of course, we already had planned our anniversary celebration and he said "well, why can't we rearrange our plans and include the trunk show, I would love to go." How about that? And, after 48 years, too!!

Here you see Sue Patten and Karen McTavish chatting before the show began. This was the only "quiet" moment in the evening.

Karen was always in motion (body and mouth) so this is the best photo I got of her. She is really funny, is constantly telling everyone that she is a "traditional" quilter, and she truly is, but that is the only traditional thing about her. I love her sense of humor and her quilting is to die for.

This is quilt has underlays of bright colors topped with white organza. Karen said the sashing had to be added to cover where the different colored raw edged pieces were lying next to each other. And, of course, the white areas are trapunto, one of Karen's favorite techniques.

Sue, on the other hand is very non-traditional. She quilts with thread, like we all do, but everything you see on this quilt is thread!! I wish it was clearer but each of the geometric circles is just thread, done freemotion on a longarm. I was amazed.

Here is another of Sue's quilts, all threadwork on the longarm. When she said that judges didn't believe it was not machine embroidery, I understood, but it is beautiful. And I am showing several because she does not have a book where you can go to see her work (Karen has 4 books, Sue has 1 that shows Freehand Filler Patterns, not her quilts).

And remeber, this is all thread.

What artists these two women are. And comedians, too. We had a wonderful anniversary topped off by the zanieness and talent of Sue and Karen. Thanks, Ladies!!


Pat said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and may you have many more! nice to get to see the trunk show, too.....sure looks like it was a fun one with lots of unique, original things to see!!!

Eileen said...

WOW!!! I am amazed at those thread quilts! I have never seen anything like it.
Congratulations on both your anniversary and your diet. Good job! So nice that your hubby agreed to the trunk show!

Wilma NC said...

Congratulations on your anniversary!!!Sounds like you had a perfect evening. The quilts are beautiful!!

jovaliquilts said...

Happy anniversary!!
I was relieved that that thread quilt was made with thread -- for a second I feared it might have been pieced. ;)

PDXGramma said...

Congratulations on 48 years. WOW! It sounds as though you had a perfect day. Our 48th is next month. Can you believe we've known each other more than 50 years. I don't FEEL that old.