Friday, January 16, 2009

I live in South Alabama: the Heart of Dixie. It is supposed to be warm in the winter and hot in the summer. Well, summer went as predicted and winter, up till now, was mild and nice. And then this "Arctic blast" has come. It is supposed to be 16F tonight, with wind. Well, I didn't move south to be that cold and I am complaining. (Of course my SIL in NH has no sympathy for my complaints. ;-) Oh, well.) Now the reason for my concern about the cold is that my studio has no central heat: I heat with space heaters. They do a very good job on normal winter days but it takes me running over there in the cold and turning them on and then waiting a while for them to heat the rooms up enough so that I can sew. Fortunately, tomorrow is our anniversary and we will be gone all day and most of the evening so maybe it will warm up a little after that.

I did have some time in the studio today. I completed the quilting on Ode to Flavin and sewed the first run on the binding but still have to finish that so no picture. I also worked on the B&W Challenge quilt. Can you see what I am doing to embellish it?

I have the rows sewn and will sew them together next week.

And one family related item. My DD, grandmother to the child in an earlier post, was here today. She had just gotten her hair cut and wanted to show it off. She has been going to Weight Watchers, too, and has always planned to cut her hair just prior to getting to goal thinking that it would get her there earlier. Well, last Monday, weight in day, she was 3 1/2 pounds from goal: doesn't she look great?

I am so proud of her. She says that one of the first things she is going to do is get a new picture taken for her driver's license.


Pat said...

Nice photos of both your daughter and the b/w quilt. I can't see what you are doing to embellish it, so you need to TELL me, okay? :)

I hope your place heats up soon so you can sew comfortably, and...last but not least....Happy Anniversary!

pollyanna said...

Great pictures, Gari! Your daughter is beautiful and look how great she has done! So close...the hair cut will surely do it's magic :) Quilts are beautiful. Stay warm!

loulee1 said...

Hmm, and a shopping spree for some smalle clothes! Well done.
I do hope you warm up soon, here's me cursing our mild wet weather and wishing for the dry frosty stuff!

jovaliquilts said...

Where I used to live in California had no central heating, either, and it when it got cold outside, you just couldn't warm up enough. So you get some sympathy from me (though we were at minus 16, plus windchills down to the minus 30s).

PDXGramma said...

WOW! She looks so much different than the video you had when she was singing. That was the only other time I've seen a pic of her as an adult. Congrats to her!!
BTW...I ran into a picture of the twins when they were 9 months old and sitting on a recliner at our house. LOL